Visual Way to Set Anchor Points in Hinge Joint 2D

I have been doing some work with the Hinge Joint 2D component, and while it is a great component, I am struggling a lot when it comes to trying to get the perfect anchor point setup. I know precisely where I want to put the anchor point on the game object visually, but trying to translate this to the actual anchor point is proving very difficult a lot of the time.

Is there anything in the Unity UI that will let me simply drag a Gizmo of some sort to specify where the anchor should be? Or any kind of plugin that anyone knows of that can help me see visually where the anchor is currently set?

Alright, this is an old question, but I figure I might as well answer since it’s showing up on the googles. The best way I’ve found to visually set anchor points (And mind you I just used a hinge joint for the first time ten minutes ago) is to edit them while the game is running. You’ll need to record what the optimal settings were and reinput them after stopping the game, but it at least lets you see where the joint lies.

I just make a Script thas shows you the anchor points in edit mode