Visualise Physics2D.BoxCastAll

I am working on a 2D game and I just implemented an attack function using Physics2D.BoxCastAll. However I am having a hard time to get the attack hit-box the size I want it to be, since I can’t see the box. Is there a way to visualize the box I am casting ? Is Physics2D.BoxCastAll better than turning a collider on and off for an attack function?

@LucasVaz . Physics2D.BoxCastAll returns a RayCastHit2D array. The hit point of each element of that array is the element.point.
Get that point and use it as the center to draw a box. so for example in pseudo code

Vector2 upperLeft = new Vector2( -boxSize.x/2, boxSize.y/2 );
Vector2 upperRight = new Vector2( boxSize.x/2, boxSize.y/2 );
Vector2 lowerLeft = new Vector2( -boxSize.x/2, -boxSize.y/2 );
Vector2 lowerRight = new Vector2( boxSize.x/2, -boxSize.y/2 );

RayCastHit2D[] objectsHit = Physics2D.BoxCastAll ( ...., boxSize, ... );
for each( RaycastHit2D hitObj in objectsHit ){
         vector2d hitPoint = hitObj.point;
         // draw the box here using hit point as the center and boxSize.x and boxSize.y
         Debug.DrawLine( upperLeft +hitPoint, upperRight +hitPoint );
         Debug.DrawLine( lowerLeft +hitPoint,  lowerRight +hitPoint );
         --- you get the idea?  continue to  draw the other two sides...

That should show you the box at each object hit - not tested so my code may need syntax fixes and what not.