Visualization of a scientific Space Sim (Wpf app) with Unity3D possible ?

Hello everyone,
I am working with a scientific space (satellite) simulation that is written in C# ( A wpf application).
Now I want to visualize it with Unity3D, if possible .

But before getting into that I want to ask if it is possible to establish a connection between the two processes (running on one pc) ?

-Are Sockets fast enough ? ( I would be a one way communication , the space sim sending the positions of the satellite , unity would have to draw it)

-Can i use Pipes and are they fast enough ?

Too answer my own quenstion:

I used TcpListener, TcpClient for the communication between Unity and WPF.
WPF and Unity have each there own extra Thread for handling that stuff.
But be very carefull with the networkStream.Read method, if done wrong this is very slow. But if done right its possible to send kb´s 60 times per second.
For embedding the Unity App inside the WPF app I used: Hosting EXE Applications in a WPF Window Application - CodeProject