Vive VR FPS Issue

Hey there!

i’ve got an issue with my Vive in Unity.
It occured a few days ago and i’ve got no idea how to fix it.

While in Play Mode, Unity drops the framerate every now and then from about 50-60fps to 15fps or lower. While this happens, the Vive default screen pops out. You know…this Moon, Planet, “this is real”-screen. Also SteamVR shows, that unity.exe is “not responding…”.

So I first thought, it’s a lack of performance, so I took a shirt view:

After some research in forum, i’ve got the impression, that some people also facing a similar issues with these drops.
There’s obviously a correlation between these drops and a very performance hungry task within the “other” section on the CPU and also the GPU. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to figure out which one.

Also my Scene is not very performance-hungry due to some basic light rendering and stuff. While playing it on the Screen without VR i’ve got 100+ fps. (VSync is switched off, due to some hints, that i’ve got from the Forum). I’ve already updated every driver from the Graphics card up to the Vive Base Station.
I tried several things to reduce render-time (i.e. disable dynamic lighting, disable scripts, …). Nothing worked out properly. Actually nothing had an impact at all.

I’m quite sure, that it’s not a lack of performance of my machine. I’ve got a gtx970, plenty of RAM, a 3,4Ghz i7 and a SSD attached to a PCIe Port. Also the SteamVR Benchmark test says, that its sufficient for VR applications.
Is it possible, that theres a bug within any kind of VR Software update, which came out like 7-14 days ago? Unfortunately, i wasn’t able to figure out the release notes for any kind of related software.

it would be great, if someone facing similar problems describing his problems. Maybe there’s a hint how to get rid of this.

Or maybe somebody has already solved this.


Well it is obviously an Application based. The application is running everything inside the application (aka it is running the Project folder as an .exe (or .dmg for mac) without building it (This is what I think)) so Unity may or may need a better CPU and GPU or maybe it is what it is running the resolution at

But this is just my opinion and I have no experience with VR so I may be wrong and I may just be talking crap because it’s 11pm for me and my brain is well tired :wink: