Voices for characters

Hello some friends and myself are making a game that we hope to get on steam in the future but theres only 5 of us and were not exactly pleasant to listen to so I was wondering if there were any other options other then just text like a voice synthesizer? does anybody have any ideas?

Yeah, that’s how it’s done. Voice Synthesizers are still not able to emulate the vast range of intonation, emotion and accents that even an untrained human speaker can, so it’s use is mostly restricted to appropriate situations like an AI, a robot, PSA, or something like that where it’s supposed to sound robotic and lifeless.

If you can’t afford professional voice recording, maybe you could just not use any at all? Even big games sometimes don’t have any voice recording at all, or only the first sentence (Baldur’s Gate, or the new Divinity: Original Sin, IIRC).

Best of luck with your game!

Go on google and type in Audacity.

It’s an amazing Audio editing application.
It’s what I use to edit voices and stuff.

But it only goes so far, I find after I’m doing with Audacity
I put the voices into FL Studio (Music Creating Application) One of the best in the world
I can edit voices further!

Them two programs

Audacity and FL Studio will help you a BUNCH!

Audacity is FREE
FL Studio is not sadly, but I think there is a free trial.

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