void OnPlayerDisconnected(NetworkPlayer player) not being called What am i doing wrong?

I am just getting into using networking in Unity however i have noticed that the player disconnected is not being called. I am still using the basic hud script from network manager and i am hosting the game on the editor and joining from a build. I have tried placing this code on a player ,on its own object with and without network identity(with identity was marked as server) but it never seems to get called.What am i doing wrong ?. Below is the exact code

void OnPlayerDisconnected(NetworkPlayer player)
    		Debug.Log ("SomeoneDisconnected");
    		Network.RemoveRPCs (player);
    		Network.DestroyPlayerObjects (player);


After lots of trial and error and searching the reason it does not work is that it is depreciated also thought i would post a solution here in case anyone else is in the same boat. I found a working method from forums that does the same as OnPlayerDisconnected and similar methods

Its a post on the Unity forum by user Max_Bol