Volume size on device not consistent with simulator

Hi, we are observing discrepancies between volume size (clipping) between simulator (works as intended) and device. On device clipping volume is smaller and position is offset, It also doesn’t seem to be responding to any changes we do on Volume Camera component inside the scene.

Any ideas what might be causing it?

Is there a way to adjust the volume size via info.plist ?

I’m finding this too. Did you figure out the issue?

No solution yet, just a workaround. We just set volume size and position to match device (in simulator its a good meter off). Also for this to work, we have to set the size from code via VolumeCamera.Dimentions, otherwise whatever size we set it will not respond on device).

We are seeing the same thing. I submitted a bug report IN-63896 in case no one has done so already.

I just stumbled upon the answer in a different thread:

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We believe this issue is fixed in our newest release - 0.7.1, which came out today. Please let us know if that’s not the case, though!


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Hasn’t fixed for us (varying levels of content are clipped depending on zoom setting), and worse - our volume is forced into a cube on device, skewing our content aspect

Here’s the log. We’re requesting a volume of size 0.96x0.72x0.72 but getting a 0.9411765 cube:

Window added: uuid 522FDDEE-B131-4B9C-90E7-A7AEA708785F as Bounded-0.960x0.720x0.720
Unbalanced calls to begin/end appearance transitions for <UnityDefaultViewController: 0x125318b20>.
Requested open window for: id 18446744073709551482 (desired: Bounded-0.960x0.720x0.720)
Matching windows and volumes -- 1 orphan volumes, 1 free windows, 1 total windows
   ... matching window 522FDDEE-B131-4B9C-90E7-A7AEA708785F Bounded-0.960x0.720x0.720 to 18446744073709551482
Volume 18446744073709551482: window assigned, uuid: 522FDDEE-B131-4B9C-90E7-A7AEA708785F outputDimensions: SIMD3<Float>(0.96, 0.72, 0.72) actualDimensions: SIMD3<Float>(0.9411765, 0.9411765, 0.9411765)