Volume size settings for default Meditation app

What are the volume project settings for something like the default Meditation app?

Is the default Meditation app using a immersive mixed or a volume mixed setup?

It seems you can run other volume apps together with that, so it seems the latter. However the space extends far larger than the rectangular prism I have been able to set for a regular volume app?

I assume you’re talking about the Mindfulness app? That’s developed by Apple so they might be able to share more info about the exact setup.

My assumption is it starts in a bounded volume and then transitions to an mixed reality immersive space.

is it possible to start from a bounded volume and transition to a larger mixed reality immersive space?

How does one do that setup in polyspatial?

Yes, the visionOS template does this. You can change the volume camera configuration at runtime (from bounded to unbounded) or load a scene with a different configuration.

okay, but is it also possible to change volume size? or just the shift from volume to unbounded is possible?

You can change a volume size by setting a different configuration at runtime.