Volumetric Lighting and Dust Particles Tips?

I have a warehouse scene at dusk with some nice lighting coming through the windows. I’d love to show light beams with dust particles, does anyone have any tips about how to do this?

That depends on your requirements for performance and visuals, as well as your own ability in rendering. If you want to go for it fully, you could use proper volumetric lighting as an image effect (accessing the shadow map via command buffers) and use a cloud/dirt texture as an overlay. Or, if you are looking for something easier and cheaper, you could physically model the light shafts and create a custom additively-blended shader in which you use the screen space coordinates to project a dust texture as an overlay as well. It isn’t necessarily a simple thing to do, but that’s the best I can offer without more specifications.

I’ve been working on a custom volumetric lighting solution recently, so if you need any pointers on that side I’d be happy to help, but be warned it isn’t a particularly easy concept.