voxel shader. Make existing models look like cubes / voxels?

So i found this great tweet where this guy explains how he managed to get this really cool effect with the help of a glitch and a shader. His models turns into distorted voxel models if the camera is far enough from the orgin. Though i tried to recreate this and ask for help nothing worked. Now im here to ask, how can i get this effect on my 3D models? Is a shader the way to go or should i stick to this “float glitch”?

Tweet: https://twitter.com/phi6/status/985995188303675396


I would look into something like this “GitHub - mattatz/unity-voxel: Mesh voxelization for Unity.”, but to answer your question in the comments there are a lot of tutorials on graphics programing like “Unity Tutorial: A Practical Intro to Shaders - Part 1 - YouTube”. If you only have experience using C# there will be a bit of a learning curve on the syntax.