Voxel Tutorials?

Hi Everyone! This is my first post and I’m a lil bit new to gamedev (but I do know a fair bit of scripting). I’m looking for C# tutorials that teach how to make a full voxel game I know what I want and yes I know voxel generation is advanced coding but I want to learn it I use C# and would like to learn how to generate infinte worlds like minecraft’s I do want trees and caves to generate, and if anyone is really amazing I’d also like to have my textures work like minecraft’s as I don’t wanna make a new texturemap everytime I update the game

Go read this entire thread beginning to end. It seriously has the means to teach you…

After Playing Minecraft - Unity Forums

I’m not familiar with any tutorials focused on voxels. But the Asset Store has some great Voxel engines. You can purchase one of those projects to see how it’s done. Don’t copy-paste and call it your own though, not only is that illegal, but you won’t learn anything.