VR 180 stereoscopic videos

I’m doing a project in which I need to show a 180-degree stereoscopic video in Oculus Rift.
I want to do something like the Amaze application in Oculus Appstore, a 180 degree video in front of the user and the rest is a background. The object where the videos are played has degraded edges and it combines very well with the background. How can I do that?

But I have a problem, configure the scenes …

I’m trying two ways to show the videos …

One with the Skybox Panoramic Beta shader, with the 3d Layout video side by side, image Type of 180 degree image and mapping: latitude and longitude .

The problem I have with this method is that the video is executed inside a cylinder, without covers, without a floor, … it is not very immersive, and the stereoscopic effect is lost … also I don’t have control of the skybox as gameobject… I need control, for effects and interactive functions.

My second test was the use of a left and right camera, each one eliminating two layers: left and right. each layer had an object, a hemisphere with a uvw map with flat coordinates, this works better than the first … but … the effect is not achieved completely.

Can anybody help me?

Good lord I want to know the answer here as well

Hi @Danidel3D, did you find any solution ? Maybe converting 180 to 360 (adding black ?) would help ? I found this, not tested yet : GitHub - aosoft/VR180MeshProjection: VR180 Mesh Projection Box Parser Please keep me informed ! I suppose you are French (or speak french) ?

There is a product on the Unity Asset store that was aimed at developers looking to create anaglyph viewers for use with Windows Mixed Reality headsets. It shows you how to configure a scene projecting separate input to each eye of the VR headset with two cameras. In your case you wouldn’t require the cyan/red filters as you have stereoscopic input. The only thing you will do different is change the projection screen. The demos cover a flat plane screen and a 90 degree curved screen model. So you will need a 180 degree curved screen for 180 degree VR video. This you can create in any 3D modeling software. Just make sure to apply smooth shading and flip the normals.