VR 360 video on android mobile, how?

I currently need to make a simple 360VR video on Android mobile, I followed the steps of create a 360 videos with video player component (already tried both the flip normal sphere or use a render texture skybox) to play out the video. And then I also enable the virtual reality support option in Unity 2018.4.36f1. Things were working fine in the Editor, but after I build the app on my phone, I got a fully black screen on my phone (did not even know if the VR feature is working out), but the music from the video is still working,

What is this problem and how should I solve it?

Is there a reason you use an ancient version?
I thought cardboard also had an xr manager plugin

Hi there,

Actually I already tried versions from 2018-2021, but non of it works out when use virtual reality support builds.

If I build with a older version, 2018-2019 with the older virtual reality support option, then I can run the application on my phone but getting a fully black screen issue.

If I build with version above 2019, then I need to use the new xr plugin management, but when I use it, the application crash every time when I open it.

Because this is my first try on VR, I actually don’t know much about it, I want to ask for android mobile VR, do I have to use Google VR sdk for the build? Basically I just want to make a simple 360video that I can use the VR head tracking to see the video on a phone.

exactly like this YouTube example :

I don’t even need the muti pass render on the phone.

Did you follow this? https://developers.google.com/cardboard/develop/unity/quickstart

Yeah, I tried the cupboard build, but seems the application force to use a both eye rendering, but I only need single render with head tracking view.

so not VR

but I need the video rotate around with the head, this has to be a VR feature right?

So just rotation from the gyro?

finally got the word, gyro is the thing that support the 360 rotation on the screen like a head rotation, and yes, I just need that to work. How should I do this?

Just rotate the camera the same as the gyro

this is awesome, thank you so much

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Or, use a newer version than Unity 2019, and the open source XR plugin which will take care of the head camera, and gyro synchronizing in vr (without crashing).


You mean the xr management plugin? The app crash on my side

Which version of Android do you have? Think the plugins supporting Vulcan requires Android 7. (I would rather have that as an option to not have to drop "old" Android 6 yet)

for Unity, I separate all the sdks, NDK and openJdk that works for each of Unity version.

For the phone, I got both the older and new version of Android.

but all the vr builds from above Unity 2019 were not working on the phones.

but as long as I found out my project only require the gyro feature, I just stop bother the Vr thing for now.