VR 360 Video Overlay,Virtual Reality Video Development


I have filmed a 2 minute 360 video where the camera was placed stationary on a seat at a restaurant facing the ocean so that when it is viewed through a head mounted display the person feels like they are sitting in the seat at the restaurant.

Over the course of the 2 minutes, I am wanting the ocean sea level to gradually rise.

I was wondering if someone can recommend a good water package to purchase from the unity store and how I would go about overlaying it on the video so that the sea level gradually rises throughout the 2 minutes? (it is meant to be a ‘time lapse’ from now to 2050).

It doesn’t have to be overly realistic e.g., objects and people being washed away. Just the water completely covering everything it contacts would be fine.

This is for a PhD in environmental psychology so I don’t have a huge amount of unity/ VR experience. If what I am asking to do is relatively advance, anyone who can do this and would like monetary compensation and/or acknowledgement in the academic publication, please email me at c.hurrell@griffith.edu.au to discuss further.

Thank you,

Sounds like a very interesting project!
Water is a challenging to achieve and highly desired effect in many games and applications.
Just typing water into the UnityAsset Store gives many results of both free and paid assets here.
You could find a free one for testing, and then if you have funding, buy a better one later. I’ve had my eyes on these two for a while: Aquas and Suimono.

Regarding implementation, think of the water a plain. You can raise the height of the entire plain or rotate the plain around its center point or both to orient it. And by tweaking the parameters on the materials shader, get different visual results.

The video your recorded can be used to create a skybox, and then you can resize,position and rotate the water plain to “overlay” the water “on top of” parts of the video. Here is an interesting video series from 2018 that you might find usefull!

Good luck!