VR App Crashes in Simulator

I am seeing a new crash at start-up in the Simulator for another VR game project that I have updated to work with visionOS.

A log file with all of the console output can be found here.


  • Unity 2022.3.9f1
  • Xcode 15 beta 8
  • Virtual Reality - Fully Immersive Space App Mode
  • Simulator Device Target
  • Device SDK as Target SDK in Project Settings
  • Metal API Validation is off

Hi there! I believe the issue here is coming from the Splash Screen. Please try disabling the splash screen in Player Settings and rebuilding the app. Does it still crash?

The Unity splash screen was not enabled for this project.

Hm… If you still see this crash on the latest packages, can you report a Unity bug and share a repro project? We’ll have to dig into why this is happening.