VR Applications Hit Memory Limit in About 1 Minute

Great - our team is looking into this issue. Thanks for the information!


Great to hear, this has made it very challenging to test our experience :slight_smile: And note, we are using built-in render pipeline as well…

Just wanted to add that we’re seeing this issue as well, on a VR experience built with Unity 2022.3.11f1 and visionOS XR Plugin 0.5.0. We use the Built-in render pipeline. No Polyspatial packages in the project. It runs fine on other platforms.

One thing to note is we do NOT use any particle systems in our project, so there might be something else going on.

Would be great to get a fix for this soon. Thanks!

We are seeing this issue in URP, including with 2022.3.11/13f1 and 0.6.2. Disabling all the particle effects in the experience does resolve it, at least for us.

I looked into this a bit more and found that, in our case, the crashes are caused by hand anchor allocations. I started a new thread, since this seems unrelated to the particle system issue, which we don’t use in our app.


Hi all! I dropped a reply in @diegovis’ thread about this issue. I was able to confirm the memory leak was coming from repeated calls to ar_hand_anchor_create and that re-using these pointers fixes the issue. That post has some code snippets that you can use to fix the issue locally, and it will be fixed in the next package version.

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Hi @mtschoen thanks for the update. I was hopeful it might fix the crash related to particle systems (as I realized my original repro included the XRHands package by accident). Sadly, that doesn’t appear to be the case. I removed the XRHands package from my particle repro (and updated it to the latest release) and the crash still happens.

You can have a look at my updated repro project here:

I’ll also note that I applied the patch that fixes the hand provider memory leak within our app, and verified the crash still happens there as well…

Any help on this is MUCH appreciated, as this blocks fully testing our app (and anyone else using particle systems in a fully immersive app). Thanks :slight_smile:

Just a quick update. I’m able to replicate the issue with your sample project. Thanks!

Unfortunately, Instruments isn’t detecting any leaks, and the Unity Profiler marks the ever-growing chunk of memory as “Untracked,” so this will take some sleuthing. I’ll come back and update this thread when we know more.

Thanks for your patience!


I had an issue with particle system leaks as well which was gpu resources, there is a fix in review from unity, could be that they are the same root cause (IN-62760) (in my case it is a MR app but rendering to a texture)