VR Camera using Input.acceleration

Hi guys,

basically I’m trying to create a 3D mobile game where the user controls the vision of the character by pointing the phone where they want to look as if looking through a window into another world. I know it would probably be better to use input.gyro.attitude? from what I can tell but It doesn’t work on my android device because it doesn’t have a gyroscope (i think… it’s not actually my device I just get to test on it occasionally). is there a way for me to convert input.acceleration to do this since that definitely does work on that device (I don’t know what type of values it returns though, I think it’s 0 parallel to the ground to 1 and -1? but obviously I have no idea)

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I had the exactly same problem yesterday. I searched everywhere, and nope… It’s not possible to use the Accelerometer instead of Gyro… :confused: :frowning:
If you try the CardBoard Asset you’ll see that it uses the Accelerometer a little bit, but it doesn’t work the same, it only detects tilt and shaking.

yes! Now it’s possible! Thanks to this asset: