VR Controller Model Prefab Incorrect Scale during Gameplay

Hi all,

I googled a bit but couldn’t find a resolution. Thanks in advance.

I am using:
-original HTC Vive and 2 Vive controllers
-Unity 2019.3
-XR Toolkit with OpenVr enabled as well

earlier today, following a tutorial by Valem on youtube, I used a simple rectangle as the right and left hand controller prefab models. These rectangles were made by scaling a standard unity cube and adding a white color material. My first time around during gameplay they worked fine.

I realized they were too big, and so deleted them and made new rectangles that were scaled better. Now upon gameplay, the rectangles revert back to the standard Unity 3D cube size and color. I have re-started my computer, re-started steam and re-done creating both the controller game objects and the cube prefab several times now. I am not getting any errors in the console. I have attached some images of my issue.

Can you tell me what’s going on?

thank you in advance, C

please check the image here:



I hope the imgur links work, I was having some trouble with them.


Hello @jonesmca92 , I’m facing exact the same issue.

Let you know if I will fix that, it’s annoying and stupid because it cannot be.

[2019.4.11, XR Interaction Toolkit 0.9.4]