VR Development Using Oculus CV1


I received my consumer version of the oculus headset and installed all the necessary things to get it to work. The headset runs great and i am able to play games on it but I was disappointed to see that it would not work in the Unity Editor, Unity tells me that no headsets have been detected.
If i build an executable and run it, the headset works fine but I simply cant get it to work in the editor. This is annoying and i would like to use the consumer version headset as the display looks crisper and headset is lighter.
I also followed all directions on the oculus website with downloading all the required files and have the recommended version of unity(5.3.4p1)
Has anyone else had this issue? Is the consumer version not meant to work in the editor?


Make sure that you download OVRPlugin_Unity5_1.3.2 (this is for Unity version 5.4.3).
Download Link

Close Unity Editor.

Navigate to C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor\Data\VR\oculus

Delete all contents of the directory.
Extract the OVRPlugin zip, open the folder 5.3\oculus, and copy all of its contents into C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor\Data\VR\oculus.

Also, configure Unity for build. Tutorial Link
Run Unity again, Go to Edit → Project Settings - > Player. In the Other Settings frame, select Virtual Reality Supported.

You should be able to test Play Unity Project even in editor.