VR: Error setting active audio output driver. Falling back to default.

I have a new MSI laptop that’s giving me the above an error at runtime I haven’t seen, and I can’t puzzle out.

I’m running Windows 10, Unity 5.5.1f1, up-to-date Oculus Unity Packages. The MSI Gaming Laptops come pre-loaded with some audio drivers that may be causing the problem? I’ve tried disabling all sound profiles except the Rift Headphones. I am also a veteran Mac user who’s recently had to switch to PC for GPU based animation workflows and VR compatibility.

Is there something native to Unity or the Oculus packages that could be causing the message.

To be clear, no sound plays, even though is says it’s “Falling back to default.” Default, in this case, means no audio.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

I’m using Unity 2019.3.1f1 on a new PC and start getting this error.
After reading this topic I just changed from Stereo to Mono and then to Stereo again on Audio Settings → Default Speaker Mode.

I almost NEVER see anyone helping or answering questions here. UNREAL is a very different community! Perhaps they are more secure,. ?

I had the same issue… If you go to Project Settings → Audio, change “Default Speaker Mode” back to “Stereo” because e.g. the Oculus is just a stereo headset.

I have the exact problem. The whole project was working perfectly fine until now. The Audio just stopped working for no reason and I started getting that error. Did you solve the problem?

Going to Project Settings → Audio, changing “Default Speaker Mode” to “Stereo” did not work in my case.
Unity version 2019.2.17f