[VR] Failed to load OVRPlugin.dll

I have a problem with creating new 3D scene using VR. I’ve imported latest oculus integration, then i’ve installed XR Plugin Managment and added Oculus provider. Then the error appear saying “Failed to load OVRPlugin.dll”. Every attempt to play the scene result in editor crash.

Oculus Rift S

Unity 2020.2.1f1

Oculus Integration 23.1

XR Plugin Managment 3.2.17

It might be that path to your project contains restricted characters(non-latin).

In my case, that was cyrillic characters.

Oculus Rift here, my working setup is this:

Unity 2020.1.13f1
Oculus Integration cant figure out what i have, but we were warned about the newest, so 23.1 is probably too new.
XR Plugin Managment 3.2.17

In case someone else happens on this thread and the above solutions don’t help…

I just spent the last 6 hours fighting this error (happening on Builds - Editor playback was fine).

It all started after recreating my project in 2020.3 LTS with URP. I must have tried every suggestion I could find on every possible forum and It ended up being because Minimum API Level was set to 26 - which Oculus’ own OVRLint Tool says “Oculus Quest apps require at least target API level 26”!

As all hope was nearly lost, I clicked the XR Plug-In Management > Oculus checkbox out of frustration (even though it was already installed) and noticed in the Console that it changed the Minimum API Level to 23. I made another Build and finally this DLL error disappeared! I should also note that I had Target API Level set to Automatic the entire time.

I have since upped the Minimum API Level to 25 and it also works, it just seems to be a problem with 26 as Minimum.

Maybe also noteworthy but I’m using Oculus Integration 32.0, XR Plug-in Management 4.1.0, XR Oculus 1.10.0 and headset is updated to newest version (according to Oculus Developer Hub).