VR ghosting right eye using Lightweight Render Pipeline.

I have tried several lighting settings for my VR application. Now i am using two directional lights the first one is baked, the other is dynamic. All the scene’s items are set to static unless they are moving or controlled by the player.

Though when i test my game on the Oculus Go there is ghost image (usually yellow) that only shows in the right eye. It doesn’t get worse when you turn your head it stays the same. The draw-call count is not very high.

  1. I tried baking my scene better.
  2. I removed everything skybox as
    recommended by Oculus.
  3. I tried baking one light and using another
    for dynamic lighting so there is no need for the mixed option.
  4. I am using the Lightweight render
    pipeline and i have made some
    shaders that use shader graph. (They
    are not affected by the ghosting.)
  5. I tried to compile the shaders
    made in shader graph to revert back
    to standard render pipeline. (nope
    nope nope)

It looks like this has something to do with the single pass setting. The left eye has NO ghosting.

Has somebody encountered this? and know how to solve it. Or any idea where i went wrong?

Building environment for Oculus Go, using LWRP and shader graph, yellow ghosting in right eye. Everything baked. Still broken. Help.

I have the same issue but i’m working with a Oculus Quest.
Did you manage to figure out what was going wrong?