VR Immersive Rendering Stops Working

After running a Unity VR application via Xcode for an unknown number of times the device begins to no longer enter immersive rendering mode on any application. I tested our VR application then opened a default visionOS native immersive template application and upon clicking the “Show Immersive Space” button nothing happens.

The majority of the time the second run of an application will not enter VR immersive mode at all until the device is rebooted. Sometimes I can force quit the Unity VR application and get it to work a second time without a reboot, but that seems rare.

When this issue occurs from Xcode I see messages like these in the console:

Unable to present another Immersive Space when one is already requested or connected
SwiftUI Scene WindowGroup requires a UISceneSessionRole of "UIWindowSceneSessionRoleApplication" but was provided a UIScene with session role of "CPSceneSessionRoleImmersiveSpaceApplication". SwiftUI/UIKitAppDelegate.swift:787

I have reported this to Apple via the Feedback application device as well as I seemed to be able to duplicate the issue every once in a while with just a native visionOS application run, close, and re-run.

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Thanks for flagging this! Would you be able to create a bug ticket so that we can investigate it accordingly?