[VR] Moving objects while snapped to the ground

Hello guys.

I am working on a Virtual Reality project using the HTC Vive. I have to create different ways of interacting with objects.

Currently i have a “Laser” on the right controller which lets the user interact with objects (Highlight,Select, Manipulate). Manipulating is like moving, rotating and scaling.

I am stuck on the moving part as i cant achieve the desired behavior.

Here is how it looks like now : link text

Here is the code i am using to place it on the ground position:

 private void SnappingObject()
            RaycastHit newHit;
            if (Physics.Raycast(transform.position, transform.forward, out newHit, rayDistance, GroundLayerMask)) //to the ground - ignoring object
                ObjectToEdit.transform.position = newHit.point;

I would like the object to not SNAP to the new position the ground raycast detects, but keep its position and move based on how much the “Laser” moved.

I tried multiple ways of fixing it but none of them worked as my trigonometry skills have slowly started to deplete when i am not using them :(.
I tried calculating a the delta from the ground position found when user grabbed the object and while moving, then add the delta to the object position, but that resulted in very weird behavior.

I tried to look anywhere on the internet how this can be solved, but found nothing relative.

Anybody has any suggestions or a solution ?

Thank you very much !

Nobody can help ?