VR Multi-Pass support

I see that on VisionOS device we can’t choose Multipass rendering since Singlepass Instanced is forced, this is highly unusual as every other VR device gives us the possibility to choose between both. When will Multipass rendering be available ?
We have a custom SRP and it’d be really useful for both debug and production if this was available.

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There were issues with multi-pass on device that we weren’t able to debug during bring-up because debug tools weren’t yet functional . If this is important to devs we can reprioritize debugging+fixing this now that instruments / xcode debugging etc are working with the device. We’ll have our product folks reach out to devs to see how important this is to help bump priority … or others please post here if it’s important to you.


Multi-pass would really help us as currently our developers are stuck in developpement while our rendering team implements single pass instancied in our render pipeline.
It would also allow us to switch between both pipeline to better isolate whether a bug is due to the single pass mode when developping the RP, or another issue in the pipeline, since it single pass requires a lot of changes in the pipeline. I think it can also be helpful for debugging in Unity’s render pipelines, especially when custom features are implemented.


For the currently released version you can hardcode to multi-pass in xcode in UnityVisionOS.m - there’s a method called getSinglePass … return 0 there.

But the right eye has issues … you can at least maybe unblock yourself with these steps and see something correct render in the left eye.

Just to show interest, multi pass support would be super cool to test some specific shaders that are multi-pass only, before going through the work of converting them to single pass for us as well!