VR Package makes Unity crash

So… i’ve installed the Oculus Rift package from the asset store to work with VR and after importing the files, it tells me that my version of OVR is 1.26 and i can install 1.29, then restart the editor.

When i do it, nothing happens. I can select my project but nothing else.
I looked at the task manager and i can see the Unity editor for a few minutes before disappearing.

So, i checked in the Editor Log and here is what i found :

[Package Manager] Server::Start -- Port 62224 was selected
[Package Manager] Cannot connect to Unity Package Manager local server
Loading GUID <-> Path mappings...0.054854 seconds
Loading Asset Database...2.017217 seconds
Audio: FMOD Profiler initialized on port 54900
AssetDatabase consistency checks...10.186812 seconds
Refreshing native plugins compatible for Editor in 37856.35 ms, found 7 plugins.
Plugins: Failed to load 'Assets/Oculus/Spatializer/Plugins/x86_64/AudioPluginOculusSpatializer.dll' with error 'A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed.

I went to the project folder and deleted the “Spatializer” folder to see what i does and the project loads up perfectly. I could even import the folder i removed. But when i close and start Unity, i still have the issue.
Like i said, this happens with version 1.29 of OVR only.

Maybe someone has the same issue or knows where it comes from.

I have the same problem running on Windows 10 Pro x64 / Radeon RX 580 …

I was able to get around the problem, open my project, and keep building.

  1. Close Unity Program
  2. Delete the whole Spatializer folder & Spatializer.meta (Make a backup copy BEFORE you delete)
  3. Open Unity project
  4. Once project is open import or restore the Spatializer folder.
  5. I tested my VR project with Oculus Rift with no problem.
  6. I then created a Spatializer export package for the next time my project failed to load.

Anytime Unity failed to load I just deleted Spatializer and I was back to building.

Hope this help someone :slight_smile: