VR right eye broken with SinglePass

I just upgraded an URP project from 2019.3 single pass rendering and Unity included VR on Oculus to 2020.1.15 with Oculus plugin active. Now my right eye only renders partially, it leaves out all things that do something with the stencil buffer. Switching to multipass works but is a killer for framerate. Is this an official bug or is there some setting missing from my side? This is super critical for me as all graphics logic revolves around stencils in my game.

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It doesn’t look like this is a known issue. Could you please submit a bug report for it, ideally with a minimal reproduction project?

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I created an example including a screenshot what to watch out for @LeonhardP : 1262805

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Thanks a lot, we'll look into it!

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I get the same issue, my cloud shader that works fine in MOckVR in 2019.4.5f1, is not working in right eye camera in 2020.1.

I hope this can be addressed automatically and is not some shader change needed, since shader changes are impossible to make the way new VR and URP are complex and undocumented and change radically from version to version.

Any progress? I’m stuck on the same page here

The original issue from the OP was related to custom shader code in their project.


If you’re experiencing similar behaviour, please submit a bug report for it with a reproducible attached as it’s likely due to another issue.