VR SSO Login using OIDC Codeflow


I’m back at this again, our team did eventually find a solution that we assumed once we got working on a basic level on a phone (Android in this case) it’d transfer easily to VR. Nope, of course not.

The Web Browser requirement for the login is our crutch again. This time we tried using a lightweight version of the Oculus System browser on the Quest headset but it kept closing our app in the background and even so the browser itself seemed to not be receiving the correct packet so it never even showed the login page.

Then we grabbed the Vuplex Gecko WebView asset which is an AWESOME asset man, real great option for Web Pages in VR, so we have use for it yet. Although there seems to be a blockage here as we can never get past the 2 form auth page. It appears from the data I can get to be not getting either the packet back to load the next page or once the 2 form authentication is confirmed not telling it to move on and passing the token so.

A couple other developers looked at it and we all seem to get to the same point and stuck. We are trying to see if there’s someone out there who’s had any success getting an OIDC Codeflow standard in VR on an Oculus headset using a web browser based solution and if so any pointers/directions/solutions are welcome .

im on the same boat, did you ever find a solution? @stojek2