VR UI issue

Hey there,

I’m having quite strange issue here. I was been working on some VR project about 2 months ago and haven’t touched it until today. Don’t know if the following issue happened because of some Unity patches/bugs or am I missing something.
Anyways, there should be UI visible in Game view exactly as is in Scene view. UI is completely invisible in next scene too (underwater). I’ve pasted screenshots to show you how’s the flow going.
I don’t know what the issue is but I haven’t touched the project since the working version say 2 months ago. UI was normally visible then. Yes, it is in World Space, some objects have custom shaders so that they are ignoring Z buffer etc.
I’m using Google Cardboard gear.

Image 1: Button / thumbnail is selected

Image 2: B/T is not selected as I moved the head away (just demonstrating hover effect)

Image 3: I again selected right B/T and I was even able to click on it to start the level

Image 4: I hovered the READY button

Image 5: I clicked the READY button

Image 6: level is loaded but again - HUD UI is invisible (at least timer should be in the middle of eye view and some circular image should be in the very center too)

I even created a new scene with only Cardboard, Cube and Canvas+image in it. All of the objects are in front of Cardboard but on play - only cube is visible.


Ok I’ve found out what the issue was. There’s a bug from Unity 5.3.4p2 on which doesn’t render World Space canvases. That’s also reported in Unity Bugs but it’s marked resolved (but it’s actually not).

So in order to work on Unity VR, you should use Unity v 5.3.4p1.