VR visualisation of several thousand GameObjects

Hi everyone,

I have several thousand of simple spheres with fixed size and fixed coordinates. Now I need to represent this bunch of spheres in
3D hologram in VR, but the problem is the number of objects. If I deal with every sphere as a separate GameObject that is too expensive
for VR and layout stucks. What I see - is to aggregate input spheres(input coordinates should stay the same) into groups to reduce the number of objects from several thousand to let us say hundred.

The question:
Does unity support such manipulation with objects? If yes, give me direction to meet my demands, otherwise what other possible solution to my problem could be.

Many thanks in advance. Your answer would be appriciated very much.

You may be interested in this post.

Some possible suggestions…

  1. Create individual GameObject instances
  2. Use GPU instancing shader
  3. Use a particle system and programmatically create objects as particles. (You can render with 3D meshes)
  4. Programmatically create single meshs (or submeshes) that contain geometry for multiple spheres.
  5. Use GPU geometry shaders to create 3D spheres from a point topology mesh.