VR with Unity?

Hey everyone!

I’ve been willing to buy a Playstation VR set for quite while now. But I’d like to know if I can make games for it? I’ve heard that you need to register with Sony and get some kind of a license but there really isn’t a lot of information out there. I only want to test my game, not publish it. Do I still need a license? How much does a license cost? And how do I get the game on my PS? Is it easier to buy something like Ocolus Rift or VIVE if I want to test (and maybe publish) my games? Any good sources? Tutorials or articles?

Thanks in advance!


Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are ridiculously easy to develop for. As soon as the device generally works (as in: you can play games on it), you can also develop for it with Unity.

Playstation development is probably just as easy except for one problem: You can’t test your build on a regular Playstation unless you are a licensed Playstation developer. The problem with that is that, unlike Unity for example, Sony doesn’t tell you some fixed prices or conditions for becoming one. You just have to write to them and apply and it’s very hard to tell what they will tell you. Anything from “we only accept people with a proper promising business plan” to “cool thing, here you go” could be possible.

Either way, here’s where you get started: http://www.scedev.net/

One thing in addition: One of the nicer features of Unity is that you can actually develop your game without any Playstation prototypes and once you have something going, you can still very easily port to Playstation VR.

In terms of performance, here’s a statement:

But if you are looking to make a prototype, you will find Unity mostly just works fine on PS4 the same as it does for desktop, just target a mid-range desktop, and leave enough room in your development to scale the performance up and down. Any VR headset will do in the meantime as you develop.