VS 2013 w/ Resharper - Start(), Update(), OnGUI() is never used

Hey guys,

I have VS2013 Professional and I have the Resharper PlugIn. I’m following a course to learn Unity and when I open a script from Unity it opens VS2013 correctly and I can edit the script and everything runs fine. However Resharper grays out the names of the built-in methods “Start(), Update(), OnGui()”, and when I mouse over Resharper tells me that the function is never used. This of course, is a lie, but I think it is just confused because of the lack of stuff in the solution file. Is there a way to turn this feature of Resharper off just for Unity solutions?

I use Resharper and so far I annotate each of those methods with [UsedImplicitly]. Also any method called using Invoke(someMethodCalledWithString, seconds);

You must first add a reference for JetBrains.Annotations.dll. Make a copy of this dll inside some folder in Assets, so Unity won’t complain about it.

I know that this is an older post but I found this from Resharper to help with Unity compatibility and thought I would post a link here in case anyone else comes to this thread in the future with the same question.

Resharper’s Unity compatibility package, published by Jetbrains: