VS Code C# Not Working With unity2018 and NET Framework 4.x

set unity3d ‘scripting runtime version = .net 4.x equivalent’, and had install the .net 4.7.2(win10), but in the end that open code by vscode to create the ‘Assembly-CSharp.csproj’ , then ‘TargetFrameworkVersion = v4.5’.

so ‘C# for Visual Studio Code (powered by OmniSharp)’ just no work…
anyone can help me to understand where is wrong?

the strange thing is when i get the TargetFrameworkVersion = v4.5 by unity3d2018.3.2, but the TargetFrameworkVersion = v4.6 in unity3d2018.1.0…

i check my system .net versions , and it is 4.7.2

Hey there,

that is an issue that i also stumbled upon a few weeks ago when i wanted to change my editor to visual studio code.
I cannot find the reference atm but i found an issue somewhere that stated that this problem is known and will be fixed in unity 2019.1 . Until then you should just use monodevelop (“shudder”) or visual studio.
Lets pray to the god of releases to hurry up :slight_smile: