Vscode IntelliSense not working on Windows

I did all the instructions for getting Vscode IntelliSense working. But this happens:

Starting OmniSharp server at 1/21/2023, 4:57:42 PM
Target: c:\Users\user\Unity Projects\Kinda Better Minecraft\Kinda Better Minecraft.sln

OmniSharp server started.
Path: c:\Users\user.vscode\extensions\ms-dotnettools.csharp-1.25.2-win32-x64.omnisharp\1.39.2\OmniSharp.exe
PID: 7388

[STDERR] ‘cmd’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

[ERROR] Error: OmniSharp server load timed out. Use the ‘omnisharp.projectLoadTimeout’ setting to override the default delay (one minute).

this gets printed in the omnisharp log. intellisense doesn’t work.

i could type peepeepoopoo; and it would see nothing wrong with it

My understanding is that it is no longer supported, and I had been struggling to get it working myself and had to switch back to visual studio.