Vuforia and webGL

New to Unity but quickly learning…
Updated to the latest Unity 2018.2.14F1 Personal
Have checked the internet for solutions but not found one (yet - still looking)
Machine iMac with Mohave OD
I have a very simple AR scene that works great in Unity player but when I try to build for webGL it fails with a number of errors (all CS 0246) and simply to below. Once I fix one I think it will fix all???

Assets/Vuforia/Scripts/DefaultTrackableEventHandler…The type or namespace name ‘TrackableBehaviour’ could not be found. Are you missing an assembly

Any suggestions?

Vuforia doesn’t support WebGL. So far, i can only find AR.js that can support marker AR (black and white marker) in WebGL. But it’s for HTML5.

thanks for the prompt reply - I did suspect as much
I have also played with three.js and AR.js but found Unity and Vuforia provided more options - coloured and multi-target image targets and integration with Unity for game-space
As I am only self-developing I will look for other options such as HP Reveal and continue learning how to use Unity and Blender to create the environments