Vuforia AR Camera control Question

This may seem weird as it will mean the model will not align with the video feed but I
would like to do the following:

I would like the AR Camera to always be rotated by 90 degrees downwards (ie. relative to its own axis). Does that make sense? So wherever the camera would be pointing normally I want it to instead point 90 degrees down.

I have been trying for the last two days, but cant seem to locate the script where these kind of things are set.

Any ideas much appreciated…
Thank you!

I don’t think that it does make any sense to rotate the camera by 90 degrees. Afaik, the position and rotation of the Vuforia AR camera is controlled by the marker position. For example: if you rotate the marker at runtime by 90 degrees, the camera rotation is updated (by -90 degree); if you move the marker to the left, actually the camera is moved to the right (and not the GameObjects in the scene).
You have to change the rotation of the GameObjects (not the camera) to see them from another POV at runtime.