Vuforia Frozen image

I am new to vuforia and just trying to understand it. I have set up a scene just with an AR camera, image target and a cube as its child, apart from a directional light. I have attached assets/vuforia/editor/WebcamProfiles/profiles.xml and added to profiles.xml two cameras, my webcam CyberLink and USB Camera as I am trying to run it on unity remote 4 for android. The web cam Behaviour still says An error occurred while trying to enable vuforia play mode.

The only thing I achieved is to see both game scene and mobile phone scene with a frozen image with the image target on it.

I guess there are a lot of things I should fix but I do not know how to do it and since I have been browsing the internet a lot and trying many things without any progress any help is welcome.

By the way I am using Unity 5.2.3 and Vuforia 5.0.10

Thank you very much.

I am going to answer myself.
While I was writting the question I noticed I had not looked for the camara issue and the first query I have found says “Vuforia 5 does not work on unity 64 bits”.
Ok, I have not achieved it yet but I do not have just a frozen image and pc´s camera works on play mode Still everything dark but it is an starting point.