Vuforia Image Target Rating Remain 0,Vuforia Augmentable remains 0 star

So the problem I’m facing is no matter how many stars appear in the image target feature, the rating of the image remains 0 stars. Could it be because the image target using now is in a long sized? Because my others image target that are in square size works perfectly fine with 4-5 star ratings.

Here’s a screenshot of the issue I’m facing:

,The problem I’m facing now is that my image target feature has a lot of stars, however the augmentable rating remains 0 stars no matter how packed the stars is when checking features. Could it be because the image is in a long size? because it works for square size images, but not on this long size one.

Here’s a screenshot of what I’m talking about:

The issue is with the image itself. Unfortunately Vuforia will not provide an optimal experience with an image in which the distinct features ( stars you see when you go over show features) are concentrated around QRcode/and some dots.
We have here an interesting article on optimizing targets for detection and tracking.

Thank you.
Vuforia Engine Support