Vuforia model targeting AR: help wanted

Hello everyone

I would like to ask someone for help. I trying to build an app based on vuforias model targeting system but obviously Im doing something wrong. Im designed a CAD model in Solidworks, saved in STL format. After that I opened it in CINEMA 4D and save it as a OBJ. file. Then I used vuforia model target generator and generate the model. after that I created in unity new project. I used this tutorial to guide me how to proceed: I did everything except generate a lincence key because i presume its needed only if I have 3D model data from vuforia scanner.
I made a player settings in Unity based on this tutorial:
2019 Vuforia Object Target tutorial : AR Toy Figure | Unity3D - YouTube . I builded it and then run it on my device but the app doesnt work. Please can someone show me how to set the project properly or show me what im doing wrong? my testing device is SAMSUNG SM A600FN . thanks in advance

Hi, Unfortunately Area Targets support models only from Matterport and Ipad Pro with Lidar. Here is more information: Area Targets | Vuforia Library
Thank you.
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