Vuforia & Unity readpixels error

Hi all,

Past month i’ve been working with Unity and Vuforia to create an Augmented
Reality game for android/tablet. I’ve been working with a unity-pro trial and since today i’ve got a full unity pro license.
Now i don’t know if it has to do with the change from trial to full, but ever since i’m getting the error:

ReadPixels was called to read pixels from system frame buffer, while not inside drawing frame. UnityEngine.Texture2D:ReadPixels(Rect, Int32, Int32, Boolean)


Trying to read pixel out of bounds

Leaving me unable to run the game in the editor. It works fine when i build it towards my android or switch platform to pc. But that takes lots of time and i really want to keep bugtesting in the editor instead of building everytime i would like to test something new.

I’ve tried lots of things already (complete new projects, exporting and importing packages and added a external webcam as well).

(Also: im getting a Webcam profile nog found! error from the WebCamBehaviour script, might have something to do with it)

Thanks in advance,


Hi all,

I still haven’t managed to fix the errors, but i did find something odd about the editor.

These errors started happening when i switched to a full pro version, from a trial pro version. Yesterday i started my project in another pro-trial and what do you know? The bug disappeared…

So i guess this has something to do with the full pro version, but everything seems up to date. Starting to feel lost in this o.O

This is long gone I know but in my case the problem came from the selected build platform.

As I was building for Android, I selected it but trying to launch back in the Editor and the error comes in. Switch back to PC/Mac and that goes again.

I would guess there is a macro in their code that is not taking care properly of the platform.

Did you check this solution ?