Vuforia + Unity Tutorials show: Image Target Detection

Hello everyone! I am asking for your help for our project that we currently working on. I can’t find answers .
How can you add an action if an Image Target is detected? Like when you point to a certain image target, before a 3d model appears, there is like a scanning action or a detected action. Like the one on the video

I’ve been finding answers and I couldn’t get one. I hope you can help me!!! Thank you so much in advance. Please please help me its the only component left to finish our project.

Hi, first I think you should cool down a bit due to finish project, there´s a lot of work developing and a lot more for deployment/test/debugging.
Your project is a Vuforia + Unity project? in that case you should set the Image Target detection as Vuforia + Unity tutorials show.
Which kind of action are you going to show on real time renderind? is it 2D or 3D, is it tracked to something?

A 2d action can do as long as it shows a detect/scan effect/action/ animation before the 3d model appears.