Vulkan Support

The GDC roadmap said Vulkan is coming in Unity 6, but it does not work as of the latest beta. When is this coming for ARCore?

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In the roadmap of AR Foundation section, it still has “In Progress” state.

In the gdc talk they said it would be in Unity 6, but Unity 6 also presumably is feature locked, so that is confusing

I guess it's because of Unity 6 is in Beta state. There is a new naming explaining .
Possibly, it will be released in Preview.

Hi, thanks for the interest. ARCore Vulkan support is coming to Unity 6, although no precise ETA can be provided at this time yet. Its development has been hindered by some SDK and API quirks, but I can assure you that it’s steadily progressing. Also, adding Vulkan support requires the refactoring of current ARCore GLES support, so it’s going to take a bit more than just enabling Vulkan :wink: