Wait to Start Script

How do I delay a script to wait until an animation is completed before it is enabled?

you could try something like this:

// Wait for the animation to have finished
yield WaitForSeconds (animation.clip.length);
 var script: OtherScript;
instead of a function, just set that to enable / disable whatever you had in mind.

void CallToAnimate()

IEnumerator AnimateAndWait()

   // Now that the animation is running  - wait for that long before continuing
   yield return new WaitForSeconds(animation.clip.length);

   // Time's up - call to what ever procedure you wish

void YourFunction()
   //What ever you want to do after animation is done

Set the animation variable to yours and function names as you please.
Make sure you use StartCoroutine(“FunctionName”), so the yield and wait are actually wroking.