WaitForSeconds clarification

Hey! So i need some help with the function WaitForSeconds, how does it work? If i do somthing like this:

yield return new WaitForSeconds(1.5F);
//waits 1.5 seconds

yield return new WaitforSeconds(1.5F);
//waits 1.5 seconds

//both these functions run at the same time?

So does this mean waitforseconds waits for the code below it until it intercepts another waitforseconds?

Sorry if this doesnt make since, hopefully youll understand

That sounds about right. The wait function should effectively pause the script for the given number of seconds and then move on to whatever is below it. If you’re wondering why it’s not exactly 1.5 seconds or something like that WaitForSeconds is affected by timescale. If you want to make sure it’s exactly 1.5 seconds use WaitforSecondsRealtime.