WaitForSeconds is breaking out of my IEnumerator

I don’t understand how this is possible but hear me out - when this IEnumerator is called:

	[EDIT] method removed for security reasons.

All I get printed out in the console is “go1”. I waited for over 2 minutes to see if anything else would be printed out.

Now if I comment out line 3 (yield return new WaitForSeconds(1.25f):wink: so that the yield doesn’t get executed all my code is executed all the way down to the “whattt” being printed out in my console.

Why/how is it possible that the yield is breaking my coroutine. I’ve used tons of yields why is this one specifically ruining my code?

Like always there is a valid explanation.

What I did not know is WaitForSeconds is influenced by Time.timescale. I was setting my timescale to 0 therefore my waitforseconds was being held up.