WaitForSeconds stuck

So I have a bit of method here that gets called from another another class, that destroys itself right after calling it, that changes the speed of a humanoid for a period of time before reverting the speed back, but it never reverts back due to WaitForSeconds never returning.
I’m still new to IEnumerators so it could honestly just be incorrect syntax.

public IEnumerator Stutter (float time, float stutter) {
		speed *= stutter;//Speed = 1|Stutter = 0.5
		print ("Debug/Humanoid|Stutter:time = " + time);//Does print correct time (In this case 1)
		yield return new WaitForSeconds (time);
		print ("Debug/Humanoid|Stutter [Waited]");//Never gets executed
		speed = defSpeed;
	}//Public IEnumerator Stutter


I am still new to this as well. But I discovered this the hard way but whenever you call a coroutine from an object and destroy the object later, the coroutine stops.

So let’s say you have object X with IEnumerator that does something and has yield return new WaitForSeconds (n); if you call it from that object then destroy it later, the coroutine is stuck there forever.

What I did to resolve this is just call the coroutine from an object that doesn’t get destroyed such as a Game Manager for example.

Another thing you can use is the Invoke(“methodname”, TimeToWait) function. It allows you to invoke a certain method after waiting a set amount of time. So you can run the code above the same way but put the code below the “yield return new WaitForSeconds (time);” into a method and do:

Invoke(“NewMethod”, time);

That will run the code after the time you set.

Hope that helps.