Ive been stuck for 2 days now trying to find this answer.

I made a game where you can trip shrooms, but when you eat them you instantly trip and all the effects happen at once-which isnt realistic. Heres just a simple script showing what Im trying to do:

var rotateObj1 : GameObject;
var rotateObj2 : GameObject;
var rotateObj3 : GameObject;
var theSun : GameObject;

function Update () {

yield WaitForSeconds(10);

rotateObj1.transform.rotation += 1;
rotateObj2.transform.rotation += 1;
rotateObj3.transform.rotation += 1;

yield WaitForSeconds(5);

theSun.light.range -= 20;

yield WaitForSeconds(15);

//next effect and so on...

Just put the effects code in a function of its own and call that in update. (with a check if it should be called or not.)

Lets see…I’l just give you an example of how I recently used mine and you can modify it to how you want. I find it more learning if you adapt it to your own than getting the answer directly.

IEnumerator Wait(){
    Debug.Log ("about to yield return WaitForSeconds(5)");   
    yield return new WaitForSeconds(5); 		  

void OnTriggerEnter2D (Collider2D other) {
	if(lives == 0){
	ren.sprite = deadNinja;
	death = true;

    //The yield and waitforseconds in wait() waits for the appointed time before
    //running wait(). In the meantime the rest of the function runs.
    //This is the reason why Destroy is in wait() since we want to wait
    //before we destroy the ninja allowing the user to see the deadNinja

    Debug.log("This will be run before the Wait() funtion");

In this code, everything will run when something hits the object which has this script. I had it in my ninja. So when he’s hit and he got zero life, it begins:

  1. The sprite is changed.
  2. dead is set to true
  3. StartCorutine begins
  4. goes into wait and print out the first message: “about to yield return WaitForSeconds(5)”
  5. look at yield and goes back to the OnTriggerEnter2D function
  6. Runs the message “This will run before the Wait() function” message
  7. after doing with the whole OnTriggerEnter2D, it goes back to the Wait() function
  8. after the 5 seconds are gone
  9. Destroys the ninja
  10. Runs the message “finished”.

That’s how I used mine and it works. I hope the example makes sense to you,and the same with me running through it. I don’t think you can just run WaitForSeconds(5) just like that without the magical incantation “yield return new” before it but I’m no unity wiz so I could be wrong.

The reason that it does not work is because you cannot have a WaitForSeconds event in a pre-made function, that means that you have to make a function that you call in and in that function you have to have those WaitForSeconds events and then it will work, I promise.

Like this:

function Start () {



function Apply_Effects () {

yield WaitForSeconds(<insertTimeHere>);

<do something here>

yield WaitForSeconds(<insertTimeHere>);

<do something here