WaitForTarget FPS - VSync


I’m getting really high levels of ‘WaitForTargetFPS’ within my console, which is really slowing down my iOS devices. I’ve told it to try and reach a frame rate of 60, and its only doing 40 (this is with the new iPad Air), and all I’m doing is running a simple 2D game.

I’ve got all the settings to Fantastic, with VSync turned off. Yet my WaitForTargetFPS are reaching about 90% of my CPU usage.

Please advise :frowning:


WaitForTargetFPS is actually the CPU having to spend its available free time to wait for the GPU to finish the frame. It happens on the CPU side because the rendering system is a pipeline - it can’t go any faster than the slowest stage. And right now, the GPU seems to be doing ~10 times as much work as the CPU, so the CPU has to wait 90% of the time.

Study the GPU Usage profiler tab to see what’s taking so long, then try to optimize that when you find the culprit.