Waiting for milliseconds

My question is very simple and I’m already doing it for full seconds, but when I try to put 0.1f or even 0.000000000000001f in the WaitForSeconds function, it doesn’t seems to go faster.

I just need my game to wait for 10 millisecond then continue.


Code wont matter for this question.

Look at your stats while your game is running, you wont be able to “wait” for 10 ms if it takes 14 ms to complete a frame. Essentially, the waiting takes place during the 1 frame when the function is called. By the time the next frame comes around, the waiting is complete.

Just looked at my current project running about 73.2fps, it takes about 13.7ms to complete a frame.

Why do you need to wait for such a short amount of time? Maybe you dont need to wait at all, or go about it another way.