WAK - WebAPIKit - on-complete error when retrieving JSON

I am using WAK (Web API Kit) to retrieve JSON from my server but I have a problem with on-complete action and no matter what I do, I can’t figure out a way to solve it. Any help would be appreciated.

This is the error I get:


    {ERR} [184044FE]'on-complete' User Action invocation failed hard with error: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
    hg.ApiWebKit.Configuration:Log(String, LogSeverity) (at Assets/WAK.core/WAK/CORE/Configuration.cs:175)
    hg.ApiWebKit.Configuration:LogInternal(String, String, LogSeverity) (at Assets/WAK.core/WAK/CORE/Configuration.cs:198)
    hg.ApiWebKit.core.http.HttpOperation:Log(String, LogSeverity) (at Assets/WAK.core/WAK/CORE/core/http/HttpOperation.cs:29)
    hg.ApiWebKit.core.http.HttpOperation:tryUserAction(String, Object[]) (at Assets/WAK.core/WAK/CORE/core/http/HttpOperation.cs:242)
    hg.ApiWebKit.core.http.HttpOperation:m__4(HttpResponse) (at Assets/WAK.core/WAK/CORE/core/http/HttpOperation.cs:213)
    hg.ApiWebKit.core.http.HttpAbstractProvider:BehaviorComplete() (at Assets/WAK.core/WAK/CORE/core/http/HttpAbstractProvider.cs:128)
    hg.ApiWebKit.providers.c__IteratorB:MoveNext() (at Assets/WAK.core/WAK/providers/HttpWWWClient.cs:59)


And this is the code:


This is where the log complains on the line TextCash.text = operation.response.Cash.ToString();
What I don’t understand is that if I do a print log of operation.response.Cash it works without problems and I use similar code in other classes and I have no problem.


    namespace hg.ApiWebKit.cyclingsim.client
        public class PlayerManager : MonoBehaviour
            public GameObject CurrenciesGameObj; //this is the gameObject that holds the currencies text components inside
            public GameObject UserProfileGameObj; //this is the gameObject that holds the user profile info like Level and Energy text components inside
            public Slider NRJSlider;
            public Text TextPlayerLevel;
            public Text TextEnergyTimer;
            public Text TextXPToNextLevel;
            public Text TextTrainingPoints;
            public Text TextGems;
            public Text TextCash;
            public IEnumerator SqlLoad(string playerid)
                yield return new WaitForSeconds(2.0f);
                new hg.ApiWebKit.cyclingsim.operations.LoadPlayer()
                    playerid = playerid
                }.Send(null, null, onComplete);
                yield break;
            private void onComplete(LoadPlayer operation, hg.ApiWebKit.core.http.HttpResponse response)
                // Update currencies
                TextCash.text = operation.response.Cash.ToString();




    namespace hg.ApiWebKit.cyclingsim.operations
        [HttpPath("mytestproj", "/v1/players/{$playerid}")]
        [HttpContentType("application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8")]
            VariableName = "myAuthHeaderName",
            VariableValue = "myAuthHeaderValue")]//,
        //Converter= typeof(hg.ApiWebKit.converters.BasicAuthEncode))]
        public class LoadPlayer : HttpOperation
            public string playerid;
            [HttpResponseJsonBody] // expected JSON object response
            public models.Player response;


Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance

Hi @aroda. I just found this post. If you still have a problem please submit @ • View forum - Web API Kit: Core.